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Bitcoin has surpassed $65k, the highest since late 2021

Bitcoin has surpassed $65k, the highest since late 2021
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The record level of Bitcoin at $68,999 was set in November 2021.

Currently, the flagship cryptocurrency is trading at $65,527.

As Reuters notes, just this year Bitcoin has doubled in value, with much of the growth occurring in recent weeks - thanks to the increase in trading volumes of cryptocurrency ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in the US, which were only recently officially approved.

"Investors feel more confident that the price will go higher," said Markus Tylen, head of crypto research at 10x Research in Singapore.

Ethereum, a smaller competitor, also saw a 50% increase in early 2024 - as of Monday morning, its price reached $3,490, slightly below the two-year high reached last week.

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