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Ukrainian fighters received GBU-39 bombs - highly accurate, powerful and inexpensive

Ukrainian fighters received GBU-39 bombs - highly accurate, powerful and inexpensive
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The Ukrainian Air Force has adapted American GBU-39 bombs for Soviet fighters. This was reported by The Washington Post citing its own sources. A photo has also appeared online showing bombs attached under the wing of an aircraft, with one marked with the date May 12, 2024.

The Twitter account X MilitaryAviationInUa says that the bombs have been attached to MiG-29 and Su-27 aircraft. The bombs are hung under the wing on two holders, so one aircraft can carry 8 such bombs OSINTtechnical says that this is one of the most significant upgrades for Ukrainian aircraft. The GBU-39 bombs are powerful, there are a large number of them, they cost $36,000 - much less than GMLRS or Excalibur missiles. The video demonstrates the operation and power of this ammunition.

The effectiveness of using the guided high-precision GBU-39 aviation bomb is 90%. They are resistant to electronic warfare means, and their small size makes them difficult to neutralize. The bomb weighs 130 kg, has a diameter of 19 cm, and a length of 1.8 m. When dropped from high altitude, the bomb has a flight range of up to 110 km. This is facilitated by the wings that unfold after launch.

The tungsten tip allows the bomb to penetrate concrete. Before release, you can choose between an airburst mode or delayed explosion after impact. Accuracy is ensured by the inertial guidance system or GPS. The bombs are also part of the infamous ammunition GLSDB for HIMARS, which Russian occupiers have learned to "jam".

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