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Ukraine launches production of "Shmavik" - analog of Chinese DJI Mavic

Ukraine launches production of "Shmavik" - analog of Chinese DJI Mavic
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A Ukrainian company is launching its own version of the popular Chinese DJI Mavic quadcopter into serial production.

As reported by Forbes, it was created by a Ukrainian company that has been serially producing drones for various purposes since 2017. In particular - bomber drones. Its name and the names of its representatives are not disclosed due to military risks.

Why "Shmavik"?

As the publication tells, the name "shmavik" was suggested by "a very respected person in the country, and this name liked the team".

But it has long been in use by Ukrainian military. Since 2014, all light reconnaissance drones on the front have been called "Shmaviks" regardless of their origin.


The cost of development ranges around $500,000.

It is known that it took a year to create such drones. In February 2024, the drone underwent testing in conditions of active radio interference.

Currently, the company has produced over 300 drones.

By the first of June, the company plans to launch the first production line with a capacity of 500 units per month. The plan by the end of summer is to ramp up production to 2500 units per month.

Moreover, the company is building a production facility in Poland, where components for the drone will be manufactured.

As stated by the CEO of the company, the planned production capacities of both sites allow for the production of up to 5000 drones monthly.

The price of the "Shmavik" set is similar to the Chinese one - around $3,500.

The kit includes:

  • a case with the drone;
  • a smart remote control with a 10-inch screen;
  • five batteries;
  • four spare propellers;
  • a charging station;
  • cables;
  • repair tools.

Technical Specifications

Украина запускает производство «Шмавика» — аналога китайского DJI Mavic


  • The design of the "Shmavik" is resistant to damage, it can be repaired and serviced in field conditions.
  • The drone also has a standard release system for installing two munitions of 500 g each.
  • With the maximum load, it can fly for 35 minutes within a 15 km radius on a single battery, without munitions - 75-80 minutes depending on flight conditions.
  • The key advantage of the "Shmavik" is protection from enemy EW: "the drone constantly changes frequencies it operates on".
  • The UAV's navigation system operates based on a GNSS receiver and a directional GNSS antenna.
  • The receiver filters out false data and if necessary, if unable to resist, it turns off satellite operation and switches the drone to manual control mode, explained a company representative.
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