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Beeper users claim Apple is blocking the use of iMessage on their Macs

Beeper users claim Apple is blocking the use of iMessage on their Macs
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The saga of Apple vs Beeper seems to be far from over, even though the iMessage app on Android Beeper Mini has been removed from the Play Store. Now Apple users who were using Beeper report that they have been banned from using iMessage on their Mac computers.

The latest development is a result of the conflicting game between Apple and Beeper, in which Apple seems to have emerged as the winner.

Beeper, a startup founded by Pebble smartwatch creator Eric Migicovsky, initially developed an app aggregator for messaging, allowing users to exchange messages from various services such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, SMS, and iMessage. This product was rebranded as Beeper Cloud with the launch of a new app for Android called Beeper Mini, which provided access to iMessage for Android users. However, the success of the latter was short-lived as Apple quickly deprived Beeper Mini of the ability to reliably deliver messages.

The actions of the tech giant soon caught the attention of lawmakers, and a bipartisan group of legislators petitioned the US Department of Justice to investigate Apple's "potential anti-competitive conduct" with the Beeper Mini app.

Currently, Beeper app users are complaining on public forums, including Reddit and Discord, that the desktop app Beeper (Beeper Cloud) has caused their Mac computers to no longer be able to send or receive any iMessage messages, reports TechCrunch. According to user accounts, Apple support representatives are telling them that their computer has been marked as spammy, sending too many messages, although users claim this is not the case.

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