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Anthropic has launched a mobile app with chatbot Claude - only on iOS for now (Android version will be released "soon")

The main competitor of ChatGPT was previously available on the Anthropic website and in third-party libraries such as Amazon Bedrock, Hugging Face, or Microsoft Azure — and now it has received a separate mobile application. The Claude mobil...

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Claude 3 artificial intelligence model outperforms GPT-4 for the first time at Chatbot Arena

The large language model (LLM) Claude 3 Opus from Anthropic has surpassed GPT-4 from OpenAI for the first time on Chatbot Arena. "The king is dead," wrote software developer Nick Dobos in a post on X (Twitter), comparing GPT-4 Turbo and Claude 3 Opu...

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Anthropic "forgot" to mention in the Claude 3 announcement that it compared the model to the "old" GPT-4, not the GPT-4 Turbo

A company founded by former OpenAI employees promoted their language model as "surpassing ChatGPT", but there is a catch. The thing is, Claude 3 only surpasses the very first GPT-4 model released by OpenAI a year ago, not the more powerful GPT-4 Turb...

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