How to Connect Your Domain With Hosting? What is Name Server

Let me tell you that to connect a domain to hosting, you must first have a domain name and web hosting. Let me know when you buy hosting. Then you get things like name server, cpanel detail etc. by e-mail while buying hosting. Now suppose you bought the domain from Godaddy and Hosting Host Gator. So now how will Godaddy know which domain you have taken from Godaddy. Have you taken hosting for that or not.

How to Connect Your Domain With Hosting?

To connect a domain to hosting, you must have a domain and hosting. There is no need to do this if you have made a Single Domain Hosting Purchase. But, if you have purchased Multi Domain Hosting, then this method will work because in Single Domain Hosting, hosting is available on the same domain. Only the Domain Name Server Details have to change. There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a domain. Many times the user remembers both the website name and the URL due to having an attractive domain. If Multi Domain Hosting, then the steps given below are to be followed. Keep in mind that you should also have a Domain Control Panel. Where to update Name Server Details.

# 1 Login Domain Control Panel

Change the name server details of the domain to point to according to the new hosting. It has been told about the previous post. If there is still a Confusion or Question, then you can ask in the comment. The bloggers writing in Same Niche are not your competitors.

# 2 Login Hosting Control Panel

As soon as you log into the Hosting Control Panel, addon search is to be done in the search box above. To login in the hosting panel, log on to the domain on which Hosting Purchase has been done, by putting / cpanel. addon domain Some people even get it blocked. So that no one else could log in to Cpanel. The option of Addon Domain will be found under Domains Tab. If you do Addon Search, you will still be found under this tab.

# 3 Addon Domain in Hosting

A page will open in front of Addon Domain Click where the domain name is to be written. Remember that there should be no space between the names. You can see the below screen shortcode. Just write the domain name in the New Domain Name. Automatic data will be filled in Document Root as soon as you click on Subdomain. If you want to create an FTP account, then Niche can check in the check box. Now click Add Domain Button. Clicked to connect to the Domain Hosting account.

# 4 Wait For 4 Hours!

If the Name Server is updated while connecting to the Hosting Server, then you have to wait a maximum of 4 hours. It takes 4 hours to update Name Server.

# 5 Ready for Install WordPress

Now your domain is ready to install WordPress. In the next post we will talk about how to install WordPress on Domain. May be the question of some people, why only wordpress?

Whenever I do the work of a client, they say what is it, you will install wordpress and become a website. If this happens, the website would have been created as soon as you installed WordPress, there would not be so many WordPress developers (Theme, Plugin) today. That’s right, working on WordPress is easy. But website owner was more easy than developer. Now Site Owner can easily manage site by themselves.

What is Name Server

Every website has its own IP address, so that the computer recognizes them. But it is very difficult to remember every website with its IP address. So to make it easier for us humans, instead of IP Address, Domain Name started being used.

Name server is part of DNS ie Domain Name System. DNS is a database that works like a phonebook for a computer. This converts “” into a machine-readable IP address such as “” DNS is handled by many organizations including IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Whenever you type a domain in your browser, the name server provides the IP address of the domain to your browser. If DNS is not present, then you have to remember long queues of numbers for every website you want to visit.
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