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The Feature of Roposo App

Download India’s favorite Roposo & create amazing videos with the help of filters, stickers & effects which help you to create videos in slow-mo, time-lapse, portraits with natural light, studio light, contour light, stage & stage mono light. Add filters get creative with your posts! Edit videos, photos & add trending stickers & filters on India’s favorite app to make your videos/photos trending! Use the perfect hashtags & get to know how your likes & views increase instantly! Don’t just follow the best content, get the best content from this year!

Share interesting stand-up comedy videos & photos with funny greetings & wishes & make them go viral among a huge audience in India. Download/Save & share your favorite comedy trending from videos & photos on various social media networks.

They have channels like:

Haha Tv:
Laugh at the hilarious world of HAHA Tv on India’s favorite app & discover the funny edge of your life. With so much humor, pranks & Jokes in life, forget having a dull day ever! From Bakchod Billi, Santa-Banta, gf-bf, lawyer, Student-teacher, husband-wife, father-son, marriage jokes, funny sayings & more awesome jokes- HaHa Tv has it all! Get the best videos & images on Naughty Humor. 18+videos & naughty jokes videos for you to share with your friends on various social media networks College humor, adult jokes & funny aunty videos!

It’s a community of all religions across the world sharing & discovering their rich diversity through photos, videos & stories. You can get Aarti, Bhajan, Paath, Ardaas, Prayers, Namaaz, Mantras, Shlokas, religious programs information, Stotra, daily-darshan from users all over India! Get new devotional photos, videos, stories & information about your favorite god every day. Get new devotional photos, videos related to Indian festivals, rituals & practices from different parts of India. Get to interact with other devotees of India. Find wallpapers of any god & share it with friends & family! Download & share your favorite photos & videos from India’s favorite app with family & friends using social media apps.
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What is Email Marketing? Advantages of Email Marketing

विडिओ को पूरा देखें और डाउनलोड करे

Almost everyone using the Internet has basic information about email. These people know what email is? How to create Email Account? What does Email Address Mean? How to create Email ID? If you also know how to create Email Account, then congratulations to you. And if you do not know the meaning of email, then you have no need to worry. Because in this Lesson we are giving you complete information about Email.

What is Email Marketing?

Any kind of marketing in which email is mainly used, it is called email marketing. Now it can be understood better by example. I have also selected some examples which are used in real life as email marketing.

Suppose if there is a blogger, who has gathered email addresses of a lot of people. If that blogger whenever he publishes a new blog post on his blog and sends his link to all those people via email, then a lot of traffic can come to his blog. This is a live example of email marketing.

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Now whenever we publish a new blog post on our blog, the email addresses which are subscribed with us, we send them updates. Actually, we do all this manually but not by using some email marketing tools automatically. We will learn about them further.

पूरा वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करे

Apart from this, email marketing can be used in many other ways. For example, an affiliate can use email marketing to promote their products. If there is an eCommerce website, then he can use it to increase the engagement of his customers.

Email marketing is also used to provide different types of notifications. Like you keep getting updates from your Facebook account on your email. These are all examples of email marketing. This way you can estimate how much email marketing is needed for any business.

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Earn Money Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest types of marketing in which you refer any online product to anyone and when someone buys that product on your basis, then you get some commission. Is Affiliate Marketing. Whatever commission you receive depends on what kind of product you are promoting.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are many companies where you can make money from Affiliate Marketing like Flipkart, Godaddy, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

It is very easy to join the Affiliate Program of these websites, for this, we have to first register on these websites, after that by login, we can copy the link of any of their products from there and put them on our website.

And if a Visitor buys a product of that company website from your website, then you get its Commision, instead of this you do not have to pay anything to the company.

If you want to know more about any company that offers you Affiliate Program, then you have to search on Google by putting the word Affiliate with the name of that company.

विडिओ को पूरा देखें और डाउनलोड करे

If that company offers Affiliate Programs, then you will get its link, to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you have to create an account on these websites, there you have to choose how you want to take money.

Like in your Bank Account, or Paypal or in any other way, this way you get your Commision in your chosen way.

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