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How to Create Free Website? Benefits of Your Own Website

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How to create a free website? How to create Free Blog? This question is often asked to me how to earn money from a blog. If you want to know that free website kaise banaye and want to create a new website, then the most easy way to do this is blogger. Blogger is Google’s free service. On Janha you can create your new website. And today there is a lot of website on Blogger and it is all free website. If you create a free website on another website, you cannot make money from it, but on Blogger you can make free website. You can also earn money by making We have already given information about how to earn money from a blog..

How to Create Free Website?

Online has many platfoms to make a blog but I would recommend blogger and wordpress to all of you as it is the best platforms to make a blog. Blogger is a service of google company which is totally free, but in wordpress you are paid for hosting and domain. If you are new to blogging, then you should also start from blogger itself, later you can move to wordpress. I am going to give you the information of blogger in this post, due to which I have told you above. So friends, let’s know how to create a website that is also absolutely free without any programming knowledge.

Step: 1. First of all open the chrome browser in your computer. You can use any browser, but I recommend chrome browser to everyone.

Step: 2. You have to enter in the address bar and come to the blogger website.

Step:3. Click on Create your blog option.

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Step:4. Now log in with your gmail account. If you do not have a gmail account, first create a gmail account because blogger cannot be used without a gmail account.

Step:5. After logging in the Gmail account, the blogger website will open, now our real work starts.

Step:6. A new box will be displayed on your computer screen with the name of create a new blog.

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Top 14 Plugin For Word Press Theme

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Organic Farming: There is a good news for organic farming farmers in Bihar. The Bihar State Seed and Organic Certification Agency (Basoka) has been recognized for giving certificates to farmers for organic farming.

Simplified the authentication process

Patna. There is a good news for organic farming farmers in Bihar. The Bihar State Seed and Organic Certification Agency (Basoka) has been recognized for giving certificates to farmers for organic farming.
The Bihar government also believes that this will accelerate organic farming in the state. Bihar’s Agriculture Minister Prem Kumar said that Basoka will now certify farmers doing organic farming in the state

He said that the evaluation was done by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), an institute of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. After this, it was recommended to recognize the National Accreditation Board as a certification institute for biological certification. Basoka was recognized for certification at a board meeting.

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Plus, it doesn’t hurt to include testimonials from your previous customers with flashing testimonials. For a great example of a dog site doing a good job, check out Crump’s Bully Their homepage provides links to their social media accounts, clearly displays their contact information, and uses the image to connect to their target market immediately.

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How to Increase Domain Authority? What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric that has been created by Moz, according to it, the morethe Domain Authority of the website is, the higher the Search Engine Ranking of the website is and the more Web Traffic comes from your website like search engine.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Who does not want a blogger. That his website should not be ranked. All the people are engaged in this endeavor. That their blog should rank in the search engine. But all search engines have their own alogoritham factor. If you follow this rule So your blog will definitely rank. In today’s post, you will get complete information. Therefore, you should read this article carefully. In this, you will be able to get information about increasing Domain Authority.

1. Choose a Good Domain.

If you are thinking of making a website now, then definitely give some time and research in choosing the domain name. Your domain should be similar to Niche of your website.

We will see HTIPS in our domain, we mainly provide TIPS, so we have kept the Keyword in our domain.

Your domain name should be related to your website Niche and easy to remember so that your Visitor can easily return to your website.

If an old domain name is available then buy it, due to which you will not have to worry about the age of the domain name.

If your domain name is new, then remember that your domain name is not expire, so keep the domain name renewed for 3 to 5 years simultaneously.

2. Optimize the Content on Page.

Keep your website on Page Optimize for all web pages content because On Page Optmization is very important for both Search Engine Ranking and Domain Authority.

In which you can optimize Title, Images, Links Headings etc. of Webpages.

Use Sans- Serif Fonts for Body Text which is easy to read on screen. You can also use Arial and Helvetica.

You can use Bold, Italic, and Underline etc. to decorate Body Content which increases the readability of the page.

For all webpages, by determining a specific keyword, keep the keywords as per the webpage requirement and make the permalinks small and related to the page.

Use the page Osar Sidebar in the post and use it to advertise additional items.

3. Write Linkable Content.

Having good quality content to get high quality backlinks as people place quality content on their website and provide links.

So that you will get backlink from more and more Root Domains which are very important to increase both MozRank and MozTrust. So keep sharing Quality Content on your website regularly.

4. Improve The Structure of Internal linking.

Internal linking is the best and easiest way to get old posts on your blog to the people and reduce the bounce rate of the blog, but if you do not keep it in the right structure, then it causes your users to read the content and Bounce rate increases as well as your ranking is also low.

So use internal linking as per the requirement on your webpages and set it in the best structure.

For example, if a user goes to another page by clicking Link and reading your post, then he can easily go back to the same page or home.

We use suggestion posts for internal linking on HTIPS, in which the posts related to the article are kept as suggestion posts, if the user is interested, he also reads those suggested posts.

Internal links help in indexing the entire pages of your website.

5. Remove Bad and Toxic links.

Just as we all know that Bad and Toxic Links are very harmful for the ranking of our website, similarly Bad and Toxic Links also harm the ranking of the website.

Therefore, you have to delete all the bad websites on which you have shared your website links by logging into all your Profiles.

Also, all bad and toxic links have to be removed from all Webpages of Websites.

It is difficult to find and remove each link of the website, for which you can manage all the links of the website from the same dashboard using SEO PRESS LINK MANAGER.

Even you can check the status of the links of the website whether the link is Live or Broken Link.

What is Domain Authority?

If you see the result of the exam, then you must have seen the grade or score in it, how much did you score in the exam or what was great. In the same way there is a domineering authority. It gives a grade or score in the block’s search engine ranking. It ranges from 0–100. This grade or score is given by USA’s popular SEO company MOZ.

The domain authority is also called the domain score. Many people speak domain authority and many people speak domain score. Both are the same. The higher the domain authority score of your site. The better your site’s search ranking will be.

You will know that if the search ranking of the blog is good, then how much traffic will be gained. All bloggers want that the article of their blog should be on the first page in the search engine so that they can get more traffic.

If your domain authority score is good then your blog will rank well in search engine. If you look at a website Wikipedia only. So its domain authority score is 100. Therefore, in search engines, its article comes first.

The domain authority score states this. How popular is your site. By now you might have understood about domain authority.
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How to Create Privacy Policy Page on Blog? Why The Privacy Policy Page Necessary For Website?

The most important thing is that Adsense and google search engine likes the privacy policy of the blog, this makes them easy to understand our blog. The policy saves our website from cookies, that is, if someone makes a wrong comment on your website, then it breaks the rules of your website’s policy.

What is The Privacy Policy?

This privacy policy is compiled to better serve those who are concerned about how their ‘personally identifiable information’ (PII) is being used online. PII, as disclosed in US privacy law and information security, is information that is used to identify, contact, or identify a person, or to identify a person in context with self or other information can be done. Please read our privacy policy carefully to gain a clear understanding of how we collect, use, secure or otherwise handle your personally identifiable information according to our website.

How to Create Privacy Policy Page on Blog?

Step: 1 With the help of Privacy Policy Generator Site for your blog, you can easily create a Privacy Policy Page, which we have told you step by step below.

Step: 2 First of all you go to Serprank website and register yourself there.

Step: 3 After registering go to this link Serprank Privacy Page Generator.

Step: 4 Now a new window will open in front of you, you will have to fill some information there.

Step: 5 Now enter your blog’s Url Address in Site Url

Step: 6 Now enter your Email Address at the bottom.

Step: 7 Now you select Yes, We use cookies.

Step: 8 Now in Advertiser Information you just have to tick Google Adsense.

Step: 9 Now click on Create My Privacy Policy at the bottom.

How to Generate Privacy Policy on Blog?

  1. First you login to your blog
  2. After that you have to click on pages
  3. After clicking, you have to create a new page.
  4. Click on the new page above, then enter the Privacy Policy in the page title.
  5. Paste the Privacy policy text you copied in the box below.
  6. After that you publish your page by clicking on publish button, now the privacy policy page of your blog has been published

Why The Privacy Policy Page Necessary For Website?

–>>It is most important for any website that it gets the approval of Google Adsense.

–>>This is possible only when all the pages mentioned by Google are present in the website / blog. One of them is also Page of Page Privacy Policy.

–>>When we have completely created our website, apply for Google Adsense. So Google checks our website thoroughly, and also sees all the pages required. If there is not a single page of it, then Google Adsense does not give us Approval, but Disapprove it.

–>>By following the instructions given by Google, the ranking of the website gets good, in which the importance of these pages is also very high.

–>>Whenever you go to a website, you must have got a privacy policy page.

–>>With this, if you install any software, then you will be given to read the Privacy Policy.

–>>Through the Privacy Policy Page, every Visitor visiting our blog / website trusts our website / blog.
And this is very important for our website / blog.

–>>Through this, we also give instructions to our visitors that what rules they have to follow in the blog? Apart from this, they also tell you what not to do.